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PHOTOGRAPHS | Dennis Letbetter

The Vico photographs portfolio consists of twelve silver prints and is published in an edition of twenty (13" x 18"). The photographs were taken at The Greenwood Press and the Bancroft Library (New Science, Vico's 3rd and final edition that was published in 1744 by the Stamperia Muziana, Naples).

Title page
1. Alphabet tablet
2. Vellum spine
3. Headband
4. Jack with Kis type
5. Type block
6. Type profile
7. Tallone ink
8. Nero X Carte Dure
9. Seven point Kis
10. Corollary reconstruction,
11. Wooden letter G
12. Vico

Published along with "VICO wooden letters," a portfolio of prints by Jack W. Stauffacher, together forming "The Vico Collaboration."


The Greenwood Press
San Francisco, CA

$1800.00 portfolios
18, 19 & 20 broken and sold as individual prints, $350